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Born in England (1934), and raised in South Africa, Alan Wolton settled in the American Southwest in 1982. A self-described man of the outdoors, Wolton spends hours "stalking his landscapes and cityscapes" on the US coast, on adventures to new exotic locations, and on return trips to Europe. His canvases are painted in an exhausting burst of energy only after his emotional response to the natural setting has fully developed into a mental image of the finished painting.

The study of light on his subjects – especially bright sunlight – led Wolton to develop highly individualistic techniques for capturing the emotional vibrance of nature – whether expressed in an intimate understanding of a floral subject or the fury of a crashing ocean wave. His works, which range in size from 20" x 28" to monumental pieces 80" x 110", have been described as "nature's beauty painted honestly and powerfully."


Oil Painters of America, Distinguished Artist of the Year 2014
Royal Academy of London
Royal Society of British Artists
Royal Institute of Oil Painters
The Paris Salon


Oil Painters of America, Master Signature Member
Charter Member of the Society of American Impressionists
Plein Air Painters of Northern California


Why paint? Well, it's a great cure for loneliness. If one is working plein air then it is also a healthy activity. The skill of an artist might be summed up as learning to see and not simply presume. In our contemporary times where mechanical photographic and projectory aids are considered part of art, the innate human faculty of imagination is a vital surviving tool of the profession. It is not what we see but what we would like to see – otherwise our art is no extension of life.

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